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How to play padel?

The blade or racket

It will be played with the regulation padel blade following FIP’s approval.

The blade is comprised of two parts, handle and head.

Handle: maximum length 20 cm, maximum width 50 mm, maximum thickness 50 mm.

Head: variable length, maximum width 26 cm, maximum thickness 38 mm.

The total length of the blade, handle more head, shall not exceed 45.5 cm.

When they perform control measures of the blade, a thickness of a 2.5% tolerance is permitted.

The surface destined to the hit, equal on both sides, may be flat, smooth or rough, and will be pierced by an unlimited number of cylindrical holes, each having a diameter of 9-13 mm in its central zone. In this same surface, a zone of 4cm can be considered as peripheral. These centimetres will be measured from the exterior side of the blade, where the wholes may have another form or measure whenever they do not affect the essence of the game.

The blade will be free of attached objects and devices other than those used only and specifically to limit or prevent deteriorations and vibrations and to distribute the weight. Any object or device must be reasonable in size and positioning for such purposes.

It must have a string or a non-elastic subjecting strap to the wrist to protect players against accidents. Its use is obligatory. This cord should have a maximum length of 35 cm.

The blade must be free of any device that could communicate, warn or give instructions to any player, either visible or audible, during the course of a match.

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