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Padel’s advantages


Padel court dimensions are smaller than the tennis ones. In fact, in an official measure of a tennis court, up to 4 padel courts can be inquired! With the consequent space reduction and an increase of players for the same surface (we go from 2 up to 16 players).

Compared to other sports, the basic installation (court) has reduced dimensions to attainable to supplement housing developments and clubs with limited space. Building a padel court occupies just over 200 square meters and, as already mentioned above, is used by four persons. Thus the ratio is 50 square meters per person. In other sports the data are:

Individual tennis: 1 person per 250 m².

Doubles tennis: 1 person per 125 m².

Football: 1 person per 200 m²

Indoor soccer: 1 person per 40 m² or 100m² (depending on the court)

Squash: 1 person per 21,3 m².


The paddle court has a low cost of initial investment and it requires little annual maintenance. In fact there are many clubs that use old sportive installations saving, in this way, the cost of the floor.

Indoor or covered courts have the advantage that can be practiced 365 days a year.

Nowadays there are many clubs that combine the modality of members and non-members, depending on how often one wants to play. This also applies to the price list of the classes, which also can vary depending on the time and the number of students per class.

To play it is only needed an appropriate clothing (a pair of trainers, pants and a sport t-shirt) a blade, balls and a padel court.

Beyond what some think, padel is not a high class sport. Currently, the cost of hiring a court is not exorbitant considering the fact that it is divided between the four players, even less.

As shown in the table below (statistics until 2010), padel is a sport that has experienced a really important evolution in the last ten years, in fact it is more than 500%,  only federated players.


Historic and evolution off Padel licenses at Spain until 2010

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