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Padel’s advantages


Richard Jackson

Our strategies in this area focus on: the signing of new professional players, clinical/ exhibitions with professional players and launching of innovations and new technologies. We also perform specific promotions and facilitate test material for the stores. Another aspect that must be highlighted are the agreements with regional federations, clubs and tournaments, as well as the delivery of exhibitor balls and / or accessories at stores. We also have presence in advertising and magazines. Neither do we forget the development of specific models and complete collections for each type of player, from beginners to professionals.



Guillermo Mejías

The collections that Padel Lobb is creating are especially good, both in hard material and textiles .A better product that incorporates the latest technological advances is being developed in order to optimize playability. We also have the best professionals in their fields: engineers, technicians and designers. As for textiles, collections respond to the latest trends they provide fashion novelties to padel’s fashion.

Our brand has changed the method of work that was following so far. What our brand is seeking is to recover the brightness that it had before. That is the reason of having extended from three to six the number of Padel Pro Tour players who are sponsored by Padel Lobb. It is the only professional circuit in the world, and due to the growth of the past year, we consider that being present with the highest number of sponsored players possible is essential for us.

Following this policy, it has been decided to expand in a 30% the groups of instructors and children in relation with the last season. We consider them a powerful selling tool in this sport and a key vehicle to convey our brand image to the padel courts.

The website is a key mechanism for the brand to attract the public. After several months of development, a new site where users will be able to see the entire collection of Padel Lobb, the latest sports news, parties and all the information generated by the brand, will be launched this month.

Another point on which we will work is Padel Lobb’s advertising and promotion due to, in crisis periods like these one, stronger brands are the only that remain: we are promoting television, Internet and specialized media.



Jaime Camps

We have invested mainly on R & D so as to increase the players’ good feelings on the play. Moreover, our sales are constantly increasing and although this rise has slowed in comparison to previous years we do not believe we should invest in this aspect.

Another action that we carry out is the discount on products for those stores that show us loyalty over the years and at the same time, they can use it to generate more promotion.



Esther Bernad

We focus on the achievement of specific events and amateur tournaments with our star players to publicize the product (Clinical, Master Class, etc). Also, we intend to make some investments in specialist media.



Jordi Balagueró

For this year we have organized the Veterans circuit that will be held for six months in four major clubs of the downtown area. And this goes with the proofs of the Damm Circuit, which reinforce the image of the brand Starvie. We have also invested in image signings and we have renovated the existing ones. Among the new ones stand out: Joan Romagosa, Enric SantMartí, Hernan Flores, Roberto Saba and Xisco Monterde. The renewed have been: Gerard Company, Joan Gisbert, Dario Gauna, Pau Greco, Nuria Rivas, Silvia Navarro and Txell Mimó. On the other hand, together with Rumb Sport (it belongs to the same group), we are closing other championships in several areas.



Carolina González

Facing the new situation of the prevailing demand in the market, our brand is using the development of a project based on corners implantation. We believe that this project will boost the sale of our products and, therefore our customer’s sell out taking into consideration the consolidation that we have in the market, the proven confidence of the customer and retailers. Supporting the marketing policy of comprehensive brand of padel, we have promoted padel in broadcast TV series such as the Spanish Aída prime.



Jorge Mora

We are working on a new collection of blades that will be released next September. Within this collection we have developed both the evolution of some of the existing models, as it is clear in the blade ‘Avalanche’, at which, thanks to a new EVA rubber compound and new resins, we have managed to give more power. We have also launched new lines of textile product and footwear with very competitive prices and we have expanded our staff instructors, which will allow us to have a greater presence in every padel club. We have also launched various offers so that the sale is more dynamic. Furthermore, in brief, our new website will be completed and any enthusiast can see at first hand our offer. Also, we will continue sponsoring tournaments and events related to padel, and of course, we will leverage our presence in the Padel Pro Tour with whom we have just renewed our contract as Bola Oficial for the next two years.

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