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Padel’s advantages


The fact of playing only doubles implies that there will always be four persons in the court (just reinvented the wheel). Only this makes you establish a lively conversation, unlike individual sports where you play one on one and have no “need” to talk if you do not want, you play and leave. Goodbye, good afternoon!

But the sector that has definitely revolutionized the world of padel has been the feminine (at an amateur level). It has doubled in the last two years. Yes, yes, it has doubled boys. More than sports, it has become a social phenomenon.

It is an easy game, an enjoyable and funny activity which enables us to disconnect of everyday problems and enjoy its dynamism.

It provides fun and good mood to the practitioner. We all know the feeling of wellness we experience when we are being able to play sports and commit ourselves to do it regularly.

It is a social game. Padel, as we can see, has many points that attract practitioners, but it may be the “social component” the factor that really stands out above the others.

Five years ago, who thought that we could not live without mobile Internet… or padel?

Padel, by its nature, is a team sport. So its social nature makes of this modality a funny practice.

It provides values like overcoming, teamwork (partner), willingness to make efforts involving renunciation of comforts, providing, at the same time, personal maturity.

It improves self-control of emotional reactions regardless of the situation in which they occur.

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