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What is padel?


A study of padel’s evolution in Spain

That padel is spreading in Spain is not a novelty, but this reality translated into numbers is really impacting. According to a study carried out by the Media Sports Marketing enterprise, from the Mediapro Group for the PPT, the number of players exceeds 2 million and the potential market is estimated at 8 million. This fact makes us believe that in the following five years, according with the constant evolution since its expansion in 2006, these numbers will multiply and there will be 4 million people practicing this sport.

The Media Sports Marketing Enterprise performed a detailed analysis of the current situation of amateur padel, and the development prospects of professional padel, by means of a national survey with people from 18 to 55 years old.

Almost 26 million people are found in the edge studied by the report, that is to say, they are between 18 and 55 years old. The 8% of them are regular padel players. The 7,3% are sporadic players, this means that at least they practice padel once a year, and a 22,5% would be willing to try it.

Concretely, around 2 million people play padel regularly (more than once a week) or from time to time (more than once a month) and almost 1,8 million do it sporadically (some time along the year). This adds a figure close to 4 million players.

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