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Where occupies the business?

Court installations

The playground is 200 m²!

Normally padel is played by 4, with the possibility of being practiced by up to 12 players on a court similar to tennis (648m2). The space profitability is a clear economic advantage!

Private clients are interested in the relatively small dimensions of the court (1/3 of the tennis court) with easy installation in the place (a padel court does not require any construction license in France).

Padel Clubs and professionals consider that a padel club is a very profitable investment! It has a ratio of 1/50 m2 per player, which is much smaller than that of tennis: 1/240 m2 and football 1/300 m2, and very profitable for the clubs.


Business when any economic exploitation of the court does not exist

For the clubs that do not have an economic retribution of the use of the courts, there is also a benefit, in this case indirect; over time it has been demonstrated that the number of affiliates or members increases because the player’s profile is bigger than that of the tennis .

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