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Padel courses

We can also create padel schools both for kids and adults and we can offer particular courses of 1, 2 or 3 students from all ages (they must have more or less the same level of play).

A tennis trainer with little knowledge can easily become a padel trainer, with one advantage: he/she can give classes to a several students.

The padel trainer of a club must be the motivating soul of the game !He/she must coordinate and promote matches between the club members or regular customers.

We will start from scratch your public or private padel school.

Confide your installation to System Padel experience.



  • All students will take a level test.
  • Configuration of timetables from Monday to Sunday
  • Webpage absolutely personalized
  • We organize courses, tournaments, rankings, clinics, pro-ams or any event related to padel inside the installations.


Vouchers or membership fees

Vouchers can be for 1 class, (trial), 4 or 8. They can be also for individual (1 person) or collective classes (2 or 3 poeple in adult groups/ up to 5 in child groups). This is the ideal format for poeple who already know each other and organize the group they want.

The fixed membership fees consist of fees paid by the client whether or not going to class. Membership fees can be for individual classes (1 person) or group (2 or 3 poeple in adult groups/ up to 5 in child groups). This format is ideal for people who do not know each other, for example, in a community of owners.

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