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Where occupies the business?

Software for mobile or APP to organize matches, tournaments and leagues


Make the most of padel courts.

Increase the benefits

Raise the turnover.

Reduce costs

Extraordinary incomes

Maximize control

Management benefit


Release time for employees

The club’s phone will stop ringing

School’s management

Improve the service to customers

Happier and more productive employees


Offer new services

Reservations and online payments

Organization of matches

Automatic and instant confirmation of reservations

Reservations’ reminder



Optimize the facilities

Increase the courts’ occupation

Reduce the absenteeism

Organize the most required hours

Control the state of the club from any place



Intuitive booking calendar

Online and offline Reservations

Multiple reservations

Organization of matches

Occupation reports



Management of different types of customers

SMS or e-mail communication


Membership fees, receipts and debits


Users groups

Customers’ area

Customer reports


Cash management

Configurable ways of payment

Membership fees, receipts and debits

Online collection

Billing reports

Control board

Club configuration

Management of users, roles and permissions

Real-time information

Comprehensive management

Management reports


Comprehensive management of the school, recoveries, teachers Management of activities

Registration lists.

Fees, receipts

Direct communication

Activity Reports


Social centres with sports installations at customers disposal, visitors access and fees management


Municipal sports centres that need to manage access fees and court reservations

Use reserve managers to control at any moment the operation of the centre resources, obtain the necessary information so as to optimize prices depending on the time zone or special days such as weekends and holidays.

Organize events such as championships to occupy the centre in low occupation scheduling periods and obtain the maximum installations performance.



- Optimization of the courts’ profitability

- Different prices depending on the time zone, weekends or   holidays.

- Prices depending on the type of court: glass padel, indoor padel…

- Flexibility of the courts’ administration system:

- Visual control of the courts.

- Different reservation durations, always according to the customer’s preferences.

- Different options for the court’s management:

-  Duplication of reservations, court or day changes, etc.

-  Planning of season reservations.

-  Blockade of the court’s access for its maintenance

- Schedule reservation for extra activities.

-  Multiple ways of payment:

- Payment for player or court.

-  Payment of light and hiring on reservation

-  Vouchers can be used to play on the courts.


-       Cancellations control:

-       History of anulaments.

-       Different types of annulations.


-       Organization of events:

-       Organization of championships.

-       Management of sports schools and private courses.


-       On-line reservation of padel courts:

-       It is possible for customers to search and book padel courts from their home or office or even from their mobile phone.

-       On-line payment of padel courts.

-       The system offers its customers the best hours.

-       Entirely coordinated with the centre’s management.


Advertising incorporation


Advertising sign in the above meshes or semitransparent and one-colour labels on the court’s wall can be included. However, they cannot interfere with the play. This represents additional revenue for the club.

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