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Installation process

We take care of the construction process of the padel court from the beginning:

The installation process starts in our factory running the steel structure, working on stock, its following lacquering and storage together with the tempered glass which, considering the most appropriate option, we offer with a 10 mm thickness. In case of a customer’s express request we will go on to other thicknesses.

In the second phase of work, starting from a suitable land or terrain, we will create a reinforced anchoring with porous concrete covering it (permeable).

Once this material is consolidated, the glass structure and the artificial grass are positioned.

If the customer has a pre-existing space, which was originally intended for another use (car park, common area, etc.) and the surface is level and stable, the glass structure and the artificial grass can easily be adapted.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us.

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