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What can we do for you?

Technical advice

A suitability study on the type and number of courts needed .A study need of indoor and outdoor courts. Advice for the construction of wall courts for the local industrial employers.


Design of spaces and centre’s equipment

There is the possibility that our team of architects carries out implementation studies. We also prepare all the necessary documentation to carry out the construction of courts.


Construction of courts and sports centres

Coordination and direction of globalization of the necessary works,

Whether glass or track wall as auxiliary buildings (changing rooms, bar, reception, etc..) And ships to locate an indoor center. Incorporation of a recording system so as to improve the matches of individual classes.


Padel courts supply

Supplies of equipment and informatic programs for recording classes or matches in a digital medium. This recording will be for sale in internet for those interested.

Mainly glass courts with welded mesh and/or panoramic courts with the possibility to personalize either.


Supply of sports material

Agreements with one of the main suppliers of sports material necessary for practicing padel (blades, balls, clothes, trainers)


Management of the courts through a webpage and informatics

Appropriate program for the general operation of the courts:

In situ and online reservation of the courts

Management of customers




Incorporation of different advertisings 

A study on the viability of incorporating advertising in the superior meshes for the good development of play.


Formation of coaches 


Degree Programme with sections of technical, tactical and physical preparation.

We seek the best location for its realization.

Courses run by a coach and a trainer at a similar level, with experience.

Duration of two days during the weekend or workweek initiated if recycling tennis instructor.

Participation Diploma.

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