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Padel’s advantages


People of all ages can play padel.

They can be between 10 and 70 years, men and women, athletes and in a minor grade, learners and teachers, male, female and mixed, etc. and there are several female, male and mixed categories in padel. The only fundamental requisite is that the four must have a similar level. It is the only sport where you can start practicing at the age when you should quit it!

Padel does not require specific nor too high athletic qualities. Padel is not a too difficult discipline to practice. It does not require complex skills to reach the intermediate level in little time. The learning curve is practically “vertical” in the first months, it has virtually no handicap!

Physically speaking, our sport does not require large energy wear, or particularly powerful physical conditions. One can play without having an important physical form because the court is not very big and as it is bounded by walls, one usually counts with a second chance “to the wall”.

Why is physical preparation important in padel?

In the next lines we will analyze the importance of fitness in the current padel, and how and why a paddle player, whether he or she is amateur or professional, should include specific fitness exercises in its training programs.

First, we will be better players and, therefore, we will enjoy more on the court playing padel as professional players do. Sometimes we attribute a bad hit to a technical aspect, when the decision is actually in the physical aspect.

To put an example, when we are in a position to attack the net, and with a deep lob, the opponent moves beyond us and forces us   to move back so as to make a wall outlet that eventually fails. With a specific training of approaching with a scale of coordination, we would have solved this problem easily.

Which physical preparation do I need?

Normally, the amateur, who does not know the world of fitness, has several doubts. Which kind of preparation should I do to play padel? Is it enough running two days a week when I do not have a match? Is it enough to go to the gym and do four hits or series in each of the machines?

Firstly, you have to contact with a trainer, speak with him, comment your career as a player, your injury history, your way of playing, the court position and realistic goals that you would like to achieve. Based on this, the trainer is qualified to perform a specific and individualized planning to start working.

We need to train all the physical qualities, speed, endurance, coordination, strength, flexibility… but in a specifically way and in a comprehensive program of training focused on real game situations and on actions that occur during games.

Thanks to the characteristics of the installation, padel can be a great activity so as the little ones can learn and have fun practicing. The court is clearly delineated and there are always supply balls nearby. These are important aspects in the teaching of basic padel.

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