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What is padel?

A social change

From the report it is also given off that during the last 6 years a gradual “democratization” of padel has been produced. What previously was considered a sport practiced by the economic and social elites has been extended to the middle class in an exponential way. In 2004, the profile of the padel player was more elitist and of mature ages. The 31% belonged to the high society and the 23% was between 45 and 55 years old.

Six years later, the numbers show a wider and a rejuvenated profile; the 65% belongs to the middle and upper middle class and the 66% of the players are between 20 and 45.

The increase of the number of women who play padel is very significant. They represent more than the 35% of the players, and they are mostly between 20 and 35.

More players in Andalusia and Madrid

Related to the geographic position, Andalusia and Madrid are at the top of the ranking of regular and occasional players, whereas Madrid and Catalonia concentrate the highest number of sporadic players.

Padel is considered as a very entertaining and sociable sport, being the lack of partners or the ignorance of rules the main inconvenient for its practice. Clinics and socialization are key points for the undecided to start. The wide report also refers to professional padel, its diffusion and the impact of TV programs focused on this sport, though Internet is still the most used media to get information about everything related to the world of padel. Particularly, Competition, Emotion and Enjoyment are worth mentioning values associated to the Padel Pro Tour.

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