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What is padel?

¿Qué es el WPT World Tour?

It is the new International circuit created in 2012 after two years of intensive work in order to generate the new circuit, that will initiate/start/be launched in 2013. It is a circuit created by the association of professional padel players, so it is the future of padel!!! It has the best players associated; 90 of the 100 top players have already signed an agreement with WPT. Nowadays they have already defined the type of court in which they are going to play, the ball, the official clothing brand, logo, etc.

Which are the advantages of WPT 2013?

World Padel Tour Challenge. Next year, World Padel Tour will organize at least 5 or 6 Second Category tournaments with a minimum of 18.000 Euros in prizes. The objective is, apart from filling the calendar, is to help the players under the first 8 seeded players, because they do not earn so much money and do not play so many games. At the same time, a competition framework will be created for kids who start competing, so that they have an interim step before passing to the high competition.

Paddle World Junior Tour. Paddle World Tour will host in every event a parallel tournament to the professional one, where junior players will be the protagonists. The final for the Junior Tournament’s title that will be played in the Central Court, previous to the professional final is the main attraction for players as well as for public. This will motivate the kids, who will get used to play in front of thousands of spectators. Moreover, an extra service will be given to the public that comes to watch the tournament live. Another category, such as under 21 or under 23, may be incorporated.

World Paddle Tour’s Grant Program. A national and international grant program for kids between 15 and 18 years old is being developed. The main objective is to work on a qualified youth team, run by professionals accredited by World Padel Tour and supervised by AJPP. The intention is to pay the training and, if necessary, the accommodation for kids. The aim is to facilitate the sport’s improvement and achieve the objective of transforming the young promises into professional padel players. Different training centres will be established in various autonomous communities, especially focused on the granted players’ evolution.

And finally, the sword of Damocles of this sport. Diffusion. World Padel Tour will fulfil the players’, brands’ and amateurs’ desires. WPT will finally come to television with totally renewed guarantees and media. We will have summary programs in national television and 4 or 5 tournaments will be broadcasted live from the semi-finals. Furthermore, World Padel Tour will feature with an Internet channel inside its own web page, which I advance it, will be very detailed. Visualize all kinds of contents regarding the circuits, as interviews, matches will be also possible.

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